About Dr. Price

I attended graduate school at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, where I graduated in 2013. I completed my one-year internship in 2012 at Freeman Hospital in Joplin, Missouri, where I worked primarily in the inpatient psychiatric unit and also provided outpatient therapy through the Ozark Center. Since 2013 I have worked at Midwest Assessment and Psychotherapy Solutions, a private practice based in Springfield, Missouri, where I provide primarily individual therapy to adults with mood disorders, such as OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Depression, and PTSD. 


I became interested in specializing in OCD in 2014 after witnessing first-hand how effective and life-changing therapy can be for these individuals. I attended the IOCDF training institute in Houston, TX in April 2015, and I continue to build my specialty with the help of mentors and other OCD specialists I met at this training. I treat OCD using a technique called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), which is based in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). 

MAPS History


MAPS has existed independently as a private practice serving the Springfield, Missouri area for the past several years. In December 2017, MAPS was acquired by Burrell Behavioral Health, a large community mental health center with offices in Southwest Missouri and Mid-Missouri. MAPS continues to exist as an independent unit within Burrell, and there are MAPS offices in Springfield, Nixa, and Branson,Missouri. 


I currently only work in the Springfield and Nixa offices, although there are many qualified providers at each location. 

MAPS Community


Many of the providers at MAPS attended the same graduate school, Forest Institute. This allows for a friendly environment with frequent consultation between providers. It also makes it easy to transfer clients to new providers if the client does not feel they are "clicking" with their therapist. This is a normal concern in therapy, and our goal is to make it easy for clients to find a therapist they feel safe and comfortable with. 

MAPS Facilities


I have two offices: one in Springfield (pictured above) and one in Nixa, Missouri. These offices are located within facilities that I share with several other MAPS providers. When you walk in the front door, you will find a waiting room and a receptionist's desk, much like you would find in a regular doctor's office. You will check in with the receptionist, and they will notify me that you have arrived. I will then greet you in the waiting room and bring you back to the therapy office. We do not offer any childcare, so please bring someone who can stay with your child in the waiting room if possible.