Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy (counseling) is my primary interest area. I typically meet with clients for an hour once per week at first and then gradually reduce sessions to once every two weeks and then once per month. The first session is spent getting to know each other while I collect some information on your primary concerns and your personal history (family information, work information, illnesses, etc.). The next session or two are then spent creating a treatment plan with goals for us to work toward. After the treatment plan is created, the therapy begins. I usually ask clients to give me at least three sessions to see if we are a good fit. If you would like to change therapists at that time, I would be happy to help you in that process. 

Psychological Assessment


Many providers at MAPS/Burrell also provide psychological assessments. These include assessments for diagnostic clarification, Medicaid and Disability evaluations, School evaluations, Parenting evaluations, Autism determination, and many others. Please call our scheduling office for more information 417-761-5210.

Marriage and Family Therapists


I am not a trained Marriage and Family Therapist, but we do have providers with this specialty at MAPS/Burrell. Please contact our scheduling office for more information or to schedule an appointment at 417-761-5210.



At this time I do not provide services via phone or Skype. This is an area I am pursuing, however, so please stay tuned. 

Group Therapy


MAPS/Burrell offers multiple therapy groups in areas like anger management, social skills for kids and teens, and PTSD for veterans. Please contact our scheduling office for more information at